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What You Need to Know About Inflammation

Plenty of supplements and treatments on the market today claim to fight the dreaded, vague, modern plague that is inflammation. Inflammation is a natural immune process by which the body shields itself from attack when faced with potentially harmful processes. It is an immune response like any other, but overactivity in this part of the…

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New Uses for a Tried-and-True Food Stabilizer

Today’s ubiquitous use of the compound that forms carrageenan comes from humble beginnings, dating back centuries ago to the coasts of Ireland and Brittany. The people in these regions, known for their resourcefulness, found a use in their diet for a foraged seaweed called Irish moss by boiling it in milk. Home chefs would then…

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Making Dairy Foods Delicious

If you take a look at your favorite dairy treats, you will probably find that just about all major food brands use carrageenan to help milk and milk products remain fresher longer. Ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, even frozen pizza—you name it—and the signature creamy texture that you might take for granted is probably brought…

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Confirmed: Carrageenan is a Natural Go-To Ingredient

When it comes to organic food, some additives are unavoidable. For most savvy consumers, reading the label is a necessary step in deciding which of the seemingly wholesome products on the shelves truly earn their spot at the family table. In a sea of unfamiliar nomenclature and popular science, how is the average shopper to…

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Why Choose Natural Over Man-Made Ingredients

Food additives come in two breeds: natural and synthetic. When these additives are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, this means that the agency is satisfied that the additive is generally safe and effective in limited amounts, and that its use is only warranted to serve a specific purpose (like preventing mold or separation).…

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